The North Carolina Dual Language/Immersion Story Presentation

Dual Language/Immersion (DLI) programs have expanded to all regions of North Carolina with the support of grant funding and infrastructure within the North Carolina Standard Course of Study. State research shows language immersion closing achievement gaps for dual language learners. The first two years of published findings from Drs. Thomas and Collier will be shared along with plans for the future.
This presentation has been shared at various conferences within North Carolina and across the country. During the 2015 CCSA Conference in Greensboro, NC, the following members of the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction's DLI Team presented this session:
  • Helga Fasciano, Special Assistant for Global Education

  • Ann Marie Gunter, World Languages Consultant

  • NadjaTrez, Title III/ESL Consultant (North Carolina Department of Public Instruction)

Here are the materials used in that session:

Presentation (PowerPoint and PDF)