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The Immersion Curriculum Map is universal planning and resource tool specifically designed for language immersion programs with their distinct needs.

Special Features:
  • The structure is very simple and uniform across grade levels and subject areas, which allows for a very comprehensive resource storage/retrieval and planning.
  • All pages are densely interlinked within and between grade levels, which permits a quick and effective navigation throughout the map. It also permits immediate comparisons and the building of a systematic progression between grade level resources and vocabulary (vertical alignment)
  • The Immersion Curriculum Map permits storage of language specific resources and vocabulary lists for up to four languages by grade level, subject area, standard - all languages on one page. (horizontal alignment)
  • The pacing guides facilitate and encourage collaborative team planning incorporating the internal and external resources.
  • Immersion specific documents are available: LA-CCSS and WLES crosswalks and trajectories with a focus on content and language specific support tools.
  • The Immersion Curriculum Map is dynamic and extendable tool that can be adjusted to specific school needs.

  1. links to all subject areas and grade levels
  2. links to pacing guides: previous, current, and future
  3. general information:
    1. academic language
    2. Bloom
    3. graphic organizers
    4. performance tasks theory
    5. lesson plan templates
    6. intervention papers
    7. organization/operation
  1. links to pacing guides: previous, current, and future
  2. resources
    1. national, state, and district
    2. school specific: general for course or pertaining to multiple units
  3. instructional information by strands and/or units
    1. CCSS/ES
    2. clarifying objectives
    3. unpacking standards (not in Math)
    4. link to language specific resources
    5. link to content specific resources
    6. essential questions
  1. language specific resources
    1. relevant vocabulary
    2. relevant structures
  2. content specific resources (based on Heidi Hayes Jacobs)
    1. evidence/assessments
    2. connections to culture
    3. activities
    4. resources
    5. websites
    6. writing prompts
    7. lesson plans
  3. pacing guides
    1. by month and date
    2. for each subject one underneath the other

Links to the Immersion Curriculum Map:
Grade 1:
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Grade 4:
Grade 5:

Links to the Immersion Curriculum Map Admin Training Materials:

The Immersion Curriculum Map can be cloned upon request to any immersion school with Wikispaces subscription. For details and training options, contact:
Ann Marie Gunter
World Languages Consultant
North Carolina Department of Public Instruction

Phone: 919-807-3865

Immersion Curriculum Map Logo.JPG