Immersion Curriculum Map Training (ICMT) Pilot Materials

This page contains all of the materials for the Immersion Curriculum Map Training. The materials were piloted in 2016, and revisions are being made based on feedback.

Please see the application for the 2017 Immersion Curriculum Map Training at ****which is due by noon on Wednesday, March 15, 2017.

The Immersion Curriculum Map is an online tool for curriculum planning and implementation designed for use in K-5 dual language/immersion (DL/I) programs. The tool includes standards-based, grade-specific resources for a DL/I program curriculum.

The goals of this training are to have participants:
  • explore the Immersion Curriculum Map,
  • build their own Immersion Curriculum Map for use in their DL/I program, and
  • implement the use of the Immersion Curriculum Map by training their colleagues locally.

The Immersion Curriculum Map Training pilot is being led by Bernd Nuss, Immersion Facilitator at E.E. Waddell Language Academy, Charlotte, NC, and facilitated by the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction (NCDPI) DL/I Team.The Immersion Curriculum Map Template is to be found at

Questions? Contact Marshall Foster ( and/or Ann Marie Gunter ( on the NCDPI DL/I Team.

Note: If you are not a training participant, you are still welcome to view the materials.


(videos and transcripts)

Training Participants
Please use the links below to access the work areas for each module.

1. Introduction to the ICM

1a. ICM Training Introduction (9:04)

1b. Structure of the ICM (11:23)

1c. Navigation of the ICM (6:43)

1d. Additional Resources (8:14)

Module 1 Transcripts

Module 1 - Introduction to the Immersion Curriculum Map

2. Initial Setup of the ICM Locally

After Module 1, the ICM clone requests are completed and the local Immersion Curriculum Maps are set up.

2a. ICM Cloning Errors Check (2:48)

2b. Missing Icons (1:42)

2c. Wrong Size Icons (2:04)

2d. Captions Appearing on Icons (1:22)

2e. Faulty Links (5:36)

2f. Customizing the School Logo (1:19)

2g. Changing or Adding Language Logos (1:59)

2h. Changing Background Colors (1:09)

2i. Inviting Other Teachers to Edit the ICM (2:14)

Module 2 Transcripts

Module 2 - Initial Setup of the Immersion Curriculum Map Locally

If you are an out of state participant in the 2016 pilot, please access tutorials 7a and 7b as part of your Module 2 work. They are linked on the Module 2 page, which can be accessed above.

3. Individual Teacher Work - Planning Tool

3a. Types of Files (2:50)

3b. Copyright (5:28)

3c. File Naming and Inventory System (4:51)

3d. Uploading Files (3:19)

3e. Linking Uploaded Files (2:26)

3f. Copying and Pasting Links (1:59)

3g. Updating Already Uploaded Files (1:26)

3h. Linking to Online Files and Websites (2:21)

3i. Wiki Issues (4:36)

3j. Working with Tables (2:35)

3k. Working with Content Area Pages (9:59)

3l. Working with Language Area Pages (7:52)

3m. Working with the Pacing Guide (5:32)

3n. Staff Training and Help Center (1:15)

Module 3 Transcripts

Module 3 - Individual Teacher Work - Planning Tool

4. Collaborative Teacher Work 1 - Resource & Planning Tool

Module 4 Reading

There are no tutorials to watch with this module.
Please complete the reading above.

Module 4 - Collaborative Teacher Work 1 - Resource & Planning Tool

5. Collaborative Teacher Work 2 - Alignment Tool

Module 5 Reading

There are no tutorials to watch with this module.
Please complete the reading above.

Module 5 - Collaborative Teacher Work 2 - Alignment Tool

6. Question & Answer Outlook

Look at the elements of the sample immersion lesson and unit plan developed by Helena Curtain, Greg Duncan, and Mimi Met. Determine which areas should be emphasized more in your program and how the ICM can support that approach.
immersion lesson/unit plan

Module 6 - Question & Answer Outlook

7. Maintaining & Developing the ICM

7a. Naming and Renaming Pages (4:34)

7b. Creating New Pages (12:59)

Module 7 Reading

In addition to the two tutorials, please complete the reading above.
The two tutorials are necessary for out of state participants in the 2016 pilot during Module 2.

Module 7 Transcripts

Module 7 - Maintaining the Immersion Curriculum Map